crime mystery

Crime Mystery – Bootlegger’s Curse

Vengeful Annie has a grudge against you, and with good reason. You’re part of the gang of bootleggers led by her beau, Grizzly Pete, who viciously double crossed her and left her for dead in a ditch. Unknown to you, she was in actuality a powerful witch, capable of dooming you with curses most hideous and foul. The souls of the other bootleggers are trapped within this room. Your mission is to free them from the clutches of the sorceress before she returns to the bootlegger’s lair.


Room information

Group size: 2-10
Puzzle order: Non-linear (simultaneous puzzles)

Difficulty settings: 3/5, 4/5 & 5/5

Recommended group size

First-timers: 4-8 persons
Experienced players: 3-6 persons




Pirate Ship

You have been searching for the famous treasure from the Caribbean islands. All of a sudden a pirate ship appears in the horizon. The ship looks abandoned but it is moving determined towards you. When the ship closes in, it feels that the rest of the world gets covered in mist and only you and the ghost ship remains. Suddenly you realize that the crew starts to fall down on the deck. Before you can figure out what is happening you lose your sight…

The next time you regain your consciousness, you realize you’re jailed inside the ghost ship. Can you escape from the ship before you end up being part of the ghost pirate crew?


Room information

Group size: 2-8
Puzzle order: Linear & non-linear.

Difficulty settings: 3/5 & 4/5


Recommended group size

First-timers: 3-7 persons
Experienced players: 2-5 persons
Requirement for family groups! At least two adults should participate in the game.




Magician’s Secret

You’re after the world’s most famous magician trying to find out how he performs all of his astonishing magic tricks. The magician will have a show in Espoo’s biggest theater tonight. You have come to the theater to look after his workroom. No one else but the magician is allowed to enter the workroom. You manage to bribe the theater janitor to let you to the backstage for an hour. Is this enough for you to find the way to the workroom and uncover the magician’s secrets?


Room information

Group size: 2 – 5
Puzzle order: Linear

Difficulty settings: 2/5, 3/5 & 4/5

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