Who can play escape room games?

Escape room games are suitable for you who like to do things together with someone and want to challenge yourselves while having fun. The good thing about escape room games is their diversity:

Friend groups

Are you looking for a program to your night out? As long as we’re not your afterparty place, a room escape is a great way to start your evening!


Do you want to give an exceptionally fun gift? If you think the gift receiver already has everything, a fun experience is always a good gift.


Are you looking for something to do with the whole family? We haven’t used any scary effects inside the rooms, so the games are well suited for younger players.

Business groups

Room escape is excellent way to bring the team together. The most important feature of the game is co-operation, which improves team work in fun and involving way.

Why choose Pakotarinat?

Our most important goal is to create unforgettable experiences among our every day lives. We want to help to get through the weekdays by offering fun things to do together with friends and family.


What our customers say about us

“Pirates was very well done, the total opposite of some of these escape rooms that are quickly built at renovation sites. We learned that one of the locks alone took 250 hours to build! It was challenging and fun for four people – less than that might have been too little. Warmly recommended!”

– Päivi Salminen

“I went to this escape room with my sister and her husband and (after going to many of the escape rooms in the Helsinki area) we unanimously voted this one our favorite! The puzzles were well thought out and the owner had clearly put heart & soul into the rooms. Definitely worth a visit!”

– Mona N


“Our neighbors had already visited Pakotarinat, and were really pleased with the experience, so we decided to give it a try, even if our smallest was 10 yo. Staff was really friendly and helpful. Got us into the role before stepping into the room. I was a bit skeptic about managing with kids, but I was positively surprised that there was tasks for all level. Staff was stepping in (calling) exactly at the point when needed. Magician room was the easiest, but it was still fun. I would recommend it for families or for starting. We will repeat for sure -with next room”

– peilit_stream

“From the very beginning, our group was impressed by the decoration of the game, which only improved as the game progressed. The room was built on the theme very faithfully, and the transition from room to room was inventively made. The pirate theme was also taken into account in the puzzles and they utilized both thinking and functionality in a versatile way. (…) Pirates is one of my favorite games in Finland.”

– Pauliina Pekki


Our escape rooms

We built the rooms with skill and passion. We have many years of experience in construction work which makes it possible to build even most difficult mechanisms. In the rooms we’ve invested in overall experience, visuality and puzzles.



We have three different room escape games: Crime Mystery, Pirate ship and Magician’s Secret.
The room sizes for Crime Mystery and Pirate ship are considerably bigger than usually in room escapes games. This has allowed to create more adventure feeling to the games, when the game continues from one room to another.

In all of the rooms there are difficulty settings. The difficulty settings help you match the room to your skill level so you can get the most out of your experience. You do not have to choose the difficulty setting beforehand and you can change it during the game.

You can read previous customers reviews from TripAdvisor or Facebook.


Latest news

We are improving our services all the time. You can read about all the bigger changes from the Latest News -section.



Our rooms are located in Espoo – Leppävaara, Läkkisepänkuja 3 B 3rd floor.
There is a good passage from Leppävaara station and Sello to our business premises. When you come from Sello, we’re located in the first building to the left after the underpass. When coming from north, we’re located to the right after Galleria and Läkkitori. There is parking spaces in front of the building with 2h time limit. You can find more detailed guides from Contact Details -section.

What is room escape?

Even the word, room escape, alone may give someone distressing feeling, that you’re locked inside a tight place and are unable to get out.

Luckily, the reality is really something else. Room escape is an interesting experience, where you’ll forget about time and daily responsibilities. At some point you maybe wish, that you could play a little longer because the last answer is so close.

Inside the room you’ll need to solve different kind of puzzles in order to progress. The end of the game is when you get out of the room.

Clues for puzzles are scattered inside the room and every solved puzzle also gives a clue for the next puzzle. Sometimes the puzzles require teamwork from all participants.

The room escape instructor is watching over the game through cameras to give help if players are stuck and don’t know what to do next.

The themes for games differ around cities and countries, although the main concept stays the same. We have designed and built all our rooms without help from room escape suppliers, so you can’t find a matching room anywhere else in the world. 🙂